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Terms of Reference

Key Directives for the group can be suggested as:

  • Honesty: the human quality of communicating and acting truthfully related to truth as a value. This includes listening, and any action in the human repertoire - as well as speaking.
  • Integrity: a consistency of actions, values, methods, measures and principles.
  • Inclusiveness: to not exclude anyone from involvement or having a voice.
  • Respectful: the acknowledgement that someone or something has value; the showing of thoughtfulness and consideration; to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with a person's right to an opinion or belief.
  • Sharing: providing information and ideas in a manner that allows everyone to understand perspectives and provide insight.



  • Provides a mechanism for identifying and sharing problems and working on solutions
  • Builds relationships and fosters understanding
  • Provides opportunities to share industry, government and community information and activities
  • Offers a communication and awareness forum
  • And creates a process to jointly explore better practices and new technologies.


Group Objectives:

  • Ensure that the Drayton-Tomahawk community and surrounding area receive timely, relevant and appropriate information on both on-going and future petroleum industry operations and other development in the area.
  • Participation by promoting public, government and industry involvement in PAS
  • Provide participants the opportunity to participate constructively, meaningfully and openly in discussions and decision-making on concerns and issues that affect the community
  • Work collaboratively to identify and address community issues, concerns and opportunities and implement activities that will enhance the quality of life in the community
  • Create awareness of the potential impacts and risks of industrial operations and provide the community with an understanding of industry's capabilities to protect both the community and the environment
  • Communicate with the broader community in regards to the mission and activities of this group
  • Contribute to the development of positive long-term relationships amongst the community, government and local industry
  • To teach, to learn, to inform.