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Synergy Alberta offers community groups, industry, and government bodies/departments interested in working collaboratively a way to connect, become informed, and contribute to Synergy in Alberta. Our website offers news, announcements, and information on the synergy movement in Alberta—this includes our ever-expanding Synergy Alberta Resources page.

Synergy groups, individuals, corporations, and government bodies or departments that wish to support the work and fundamental principles of Synergy Alberta are welcome to join! Any community group wishing to belong to Synergy Alberta can structure and organize itself in the manner that is workable for its needs and includes fair and adequate opportunity for its stakeholders, and must be in accordance with the fundamental principles of Synergy Alberta.

Synergy Alberta members are eligible for:

  • Complimentary Synergy Alberta annual conference registration for one community member* delegate

*Represents the community perspective (landowner, resident) without any other affiliation to the Synergy Group (I.e. Provides a perspective from other sector such as industry, government, municipality) or is a contractor/employee of the Synergy group. The special community rate provided is intended for those that would otherwise be out of pocket and are not compensated (other than for direct expenses) for their work with the synergy group. This special rate is made by our funders to ensure barrier free access for landowners and other community residents.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Share information about the group with Synergy Alberta, including annual general meeting minutes or annual summary of activities, group contact or officers, area(s) of interest, and group boundaries
  • Share information about your individual and/or organizations’ goals, objectives, and initiatives with other synergy groups and Synergy Alberta
  • Use a collaborative approach to decision making, respecting the views of others
  • Work with other members to implement Synergy Alberta projects and activities

Member and Friend Responsibilities:

  • Promote the Vision and Mission of Synergy Alberta within your community and sphere of influence
  • Attend Synergy Alberta general meetings when possible
  • Be actively involved in promoting the activities of Synergy Alberta and assisting with and/or contributing to funding to carry out the Mission of Synergy Alberta
  • Express appreciation and recognition of positive Synergy initiatives
  • Advise Synergy Alberta of any change in contact information

Please review all our membership options to find the one most applicable for your participation.