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1990s: Several multi-stakeholder, community-based groups form to address the pressures of oil and gas development. These groups are characterized by their similarity in seeking more communication and opportunities for greater cooperation.

2000-2005: These groups come together at ‘synergy conferences' to share ideas. They soon realize they are on to something- the simple idea that stakeholders coming together in a respectful manner could make a real difference in ensuring community engagement. The last gathering in 2005 culminated in a call to form a new provincial, not-for-profit society that would help support, coordinate and grow this emerging network of groups.

2006 - Present: Synergy Alberta is born and marks the first year with the first Synergy Alberta conference- a gathering of the ‘synergy' groups and all interested stakeholders of oil and gas development in communities. The network quickly grows as more groups begin forming and by 2010, there are 25 groups spread throughout Alberta.