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Wetaskiwin Synergy Initiative

The Wetaskiwin Synergy Initiative formed in 2006 with members from oil and gas companies active in the Wetaskiwin County area as well as community representatives, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and AENV.

WSI is open to anyone interested in participating. Meetings involve round table discussions of issues/concerns, information on oil and gas industry activities and planning for public information sessions. All meetings are facilitated and operate under the guidelines:  transparent, open, honest and respectful. 

Our Misson:

Better communication, understanding and information sharing between landowners, community and energy development companies operating in the Wetaskiwin area.

Our Vision:
To develop and maintain a positive working relationship with energy development companies, landowners, residents and regulators within the community of Wetaskiwin to assist in proactively planning energy development activities in the Wetaskiwin area.

Our Values:
Timely, Proactive, Inclusive, Positive

Next Meeting

Next meeting date September 2nd, 2015 at 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Wetaskiwin County Office.


Meeting Minutes


January Minutes

June Minutes

Water Act Slides, April

April Minutes
June Minutes

News and Events

WSI hosted speakers from ESRD and the AER at its September kickoff meeting. Dwayne Metro provided an overview of Conservation and Reclamation. Click here for more information on reclamation. Amanda Andriashek provided an overview of the Alberta Energy Regulator. Click here to see the presentation.



WSI hosted the Battle River Watershed Alliance April 17th. Please click here to see the presentation.

WSI held its fall information session on November 28th on Being A Good Neighbour: Oil and Gas Companies in Your Community

Please click on the following links to view the presentations from David Morris of Quicksilver and Elizabeth Oldfield of Nexen.

David Morris - Quicksilver - Being a Good Neighbour

Elizabeth Oldfield - Social Responsibility

WSI held an information session on hydraulic fracturing in March 22. The session was attended by about 60 people. To view the presentations click on the links below.

Bob Willard, Energy Resources Conservation Board - Hydrolic Fracturing

Kevin Heffernan, Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources

Please click on the link below to visit the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources website where there are numerous informational videos on drilling and hydraulic fracturing:

CSUR Brochure

WSI held a two-part series of information nights with the Farmer's Advocate Office. Speaker Carol Goodfellow explained to landowners in attendance everything from the basics of how surface and mineral ownership works to the differences between a signed lease agreement and a right-of-entry order and how to decide which one meets your needs best.

Part 1 presentation

Part 2 presentation


  • Document an evolving set of appropriate and comprehensive recommended practices and processes for energy development in the Wetaskiwin area.
  • Provide opportunities for education, awareness and understanding both within the Wetaskiwin Synergy Initiative and the community at large.
  • Develop and maintain a current list of contact information for energy development companies, operators and regulators in the Wetaskiwin area.
  • Meet regularly to share information and concerns within the Wetaskiwin Synergy Initiative.


Wetaskiwin Synergy Initiative is open to any interested in participating. There is no membership fee for community landowners and residents.

WSI membership includes:


Ember Resources:
Ryan Degenstein
2400, 300-5th Ave S.W
T2P 3C4
24hr # 1-888-362-7370

Centrica Energy
Wendy Tynan

NAL Resources
Kevin Budvarson

Conoco Phillips
Jill Salus

Direct Energy:
Bob Wyonzek,

Eleanor Vokes,

County of Wetaskiwin:

City of Wetaskiwin:

Alberta Energy Regulator:

Alberta Environment:

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers:


Emergency Contacts

Quicksilver Resources: 1-866-537-2455
ConocoPhillips Canada: 1-800-661-9525
Bonavista Energy:
CNRL: 1-888-878-3700
Maverick Oil and Gas:
Advantage Oil and Gas Ltd. - 1-866-266-5623
Ember Resources: 1-888-362-7370
Taqa North:
PennWest Energy:
Pinecliff Energy Ltd: 1-877-486-0470
Centrica Energy: 1-855-461-1926



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