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Rimbey Regional Synergy Group


RRSG is a community and industry forum to:

  • learn about industry, landowner rights and local activities and an opportunity to network and discuss comments/concerns;
  • introduce new developments or present operational plans and improve public awareness;
  • hear and respond to comments and concerns received through constructive feedback;
  • identify and share issues and work on collaborative solutions;
  • promote ongoing education and understanding between all members;
  • build relationships and foster understanding.

RRSG does not;

  • mandate compliance;
  • mediate;
  • deal with surface rights issues



A local group, known as RADCAP, initially raised concerns about air quality in the Rimbey area centering on flaring and plant emissions. Through a combination of public awareness, determination, improved regulations and technology much has been accomplished in the area since.

A group of landowners decided that they wanted to go further and pursue other issues of concern and the Rimbey and District Stakeholders Group was formed in the mid 1990s.

These landowners wanted to sit at the table with companies that operated in the area and seek solutions to issues and concerns arising from increased industry activity.

The organization has evolved and now operates as the Rimbey Regional Synergy Group (RRSG).



Community, Industry and Government working together in an organization built on a healthy and productive foundation of mutual trust, respect and understanding.


Regional stakeholders working together to promote social responsibility through meaningful dialogue and collaborative solutions.


RRSG typically meets on the third Thursday, bi-monthly starting with January. The meetings are typically held at the Bluffton Hall beginning with lunch at noon. There is generally no meeting held in July or August. A public Open House event is typically held in June in Rimbey.

Rimbey Regional Synergy Group

The Rimbey Regional Synergy Group is holding their annual Open House this year on Thursday, June 18th at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre in Rimbey. doors opening to the public at 5:00pm.

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Reclamation, Remediation,

Orphan Wells

Doors Open 5:00pm BBQ begins 5:30pm

Presentations begin 6:30pm

Question & Answer Period to Follow

~Door Prize Draws~

Displays with representatives from Oil and Gas companies,

Regulatory bodies, RRSG members, Farmer's Advocate office

and MORE.

Contact Rick Anderson 403-847-8086 email



For more information on RRSG please contact:

Rick Anderson  403-847-8086


RRSG offers community members, industry and government bodies/departments interested in working collaboratively a way to connect, become informed and contribute. Those who wish to support the work and fundamental goals of the group are welcome to join.
Participants of the RRSG are expected and encouraged to:

  • Promote the Vision and Mission of RRSG within the community;
  • Operate within RRSG Core Values;
  • Promote a productive foundation of mutual trust, respect and understanding.



Boundaries are Hwy 13 in the north, Hwy 12 in the south, Hwy 792 in the east and Hwy 22 in the west.


Alberta Energy Regulator
National Energy Board
Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resources
Synergy Alberta
Farmers' Advocate Office
Property Rights Advocate PropertyRights
Surface Rights Board
Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Petroleum Services Association of Canada

The Alberta Energy Regulator has a series of publications called EnerFAQs to provide landowners information on various topics:

What is the AER?
Having Your Say at an AER Hearing
Inspections and Enforcement of Energy Developments in Alberta
All About Critical Sour Wells
Explaining AER Setbacks
Flaring and Incineration
Proposed Oil and Gas Development: A Landowner's Guide
The AER and You: Agreements, Commitments, and Conditions
All About Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Oil Sands
Expressing Your Concerns - How to File a Statement of Concern About an Energy Resource Project

All of the EnerFAQs can be accessed at:

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