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Property Rights Advocate - Lethbridge

Primary Contact: 
Karen Johnson, Acting Property Rights Advocate
403-388-1781 Dial 310-0000 first, to call toll-free in Alberta
The Property Rights Advocate listens to concerns about real property and works towards creating greater awareness and understanding about property rights. Connect with us about your property rights concerns. We listen to concerns about property rights and document those concerns. We may incorporate the concerns we’ve heard in our annual report or the report’s recommendations. We identify the property rights concerns heard from Albertans and connect with other government departments and organizations to discuss changes to property rights laws and processes. We provide advice about property rights concerns to government and keep track of and report on the various initiatives underway in government related to improving property rights. The annual report is tabled directly with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly after which the province’s legislators discuss and report back to the Legislature through a Standing Committee review. Twitter: @AB_PropRights


200 - 5th Avenue S Provincial Building, 2nd floor
Lethbridge, AB, T1J 4L1